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The Amiga was a line of home computers originally sold by Commodore and based upon the Motorola 68000 processor, several in-house designed co-processors and a multitasking operating system called AmigaOS.

Amiga things to enjoy

Amiga demoscene

See the demoscene page.

Amiga games

  • Super Cars II (top-down car racing game. In PiMiga with default settings for The A500 gamepad, use Y as fire button for accelleration.

Hardware and emulators

  • For RasPi 400: try Pimiga3, an emulation distribution compiled by Chris Edwards (look on YouTube). You will need an Amiga 1200 ROM file, which you can get legally and quite cheap from Cloanto (in their various versions of Amiga Forever which has been the go-to emulation package for ages). On my RasPi 400, I use a Behringer UCA202 USB audio interface which works nicely for sound output.

See also: PiMiga blog at CubicleNate

  • Shapeshifter

Mac Classic emulator available within Pimiga (turn off JIT but keep CPU at 68040)